Elementor #130

Smart solutions for healthier living.

If working in the same position every day, often leaves you fatigued and sometimes even suffering, then you clearly need to improve your posture. Practicing good posture spares you the pain and discomfort.

But how would you know if your posture goes wrong?

We’ve got the answer!

Innobody Systems emanated from this very idea of addressing the widespread health-related concerns, like issues with spine and general fitness. The studies and observations indicated that traditional remedies — however effective — were not sufficient to cure or even alleviate certain sufferings. Hence, emerged an urgent need to find the more effective means to relieve the pain and prevent injuries.

We contemplated accordingly, and with an innovative approach conceived a wearable healthcare device that helps the user stay fit and prevent spine related distresses.

Physiotherapist Ruchi Sood, Founder Director of Innobody System has been Incubated at IIM Bangalore NSRCEL and IIM Indore, under Women  Startup Program as an innovator and entrepreneur.